Adoption Resources

Adoption Counseling
Counseling is very important to birthmothers-to-be. Read about the need for counseling and its importance in an adoption situation.

Adoption Terms
Adoption can be over whelming.  Read adoption terms and understand more about adoption and what adoption words mean.

Are you pregnant and thinking about adoption?
If you are pregnant and not sure that you want to keep the baby, you might be thinking about adoption. Pregnancy causes many changes, both physical and emotional. It can be a very confusing time for a woman, even in the best of circumstances. Talking to a counselor about your options might help.

Open Adoption info
Information for birthmothers-to-be who want to learn about open adoption.  This can help birthmothers-to-be with important pregnancy and adoption questions.

Maternity Homes
If you have no place to go, look around at a few web sites and make a few phone call to see if you have more choices.